Travel Secrets From Susana Coerver, Marketing And Communications Manager At Parfois

Frequent flyers are full of smart ideas on how to travel, visit and do business abroad in style. In the second of our three-part series, ?fashion-savvy businesswoman Susana Coerver, marketing and communications manager for Parfois, reveals her insider secrets. The brand's presence in 53 countries means she travels throughout Europe, Brazil and the Middle East.


For short work trips, I always take a Parfois travel bag kit and matching briefcase for my laptop and tablet. When I travelled to Thailand on holiday last year,I used an Osprey travel bag. It has great features, such as all-terrain wheels and a handy front panel organiser pocket. When you travel as often as I do, you get used to packing efficiently and effectively. I always have several toothbrushes in my bag, though, as it's the one thing I'm most likely to forget!


I don't have any specific style uniform for travelling?I'm not a routine person. But I find choosing neutral colours makes it easier to mix and match outfits when I'm away. For work trips, a blazer is essential, and I always bring a favourite pair of culottes that everyone comments on (I bought them in Penneys for under €20!). I will often pack a statement piece such as my jumpsuit from Brazilian brand Farm (, as well as high heels from Zara and Brazilian brand Schutz (it makes sense to pack four or five pairs of shoes and earrings?long earrings are my new obsession?as the one dress can be completely restyled with a change of shoes and accessories). I love MaryGworld dresses (only available on Instagram). All the pieces are wrinkle-free and can be adapted to different occasions. On boat trips, I wear my Nike trainers and some Oysho sportswear, while I wear the Parfois M?lange tunic and trousers a lot with either sneakers or high heels; it's perfect for taking away with me, as it's comfortable, stylish and doesn't wrinkle.



I find the airplane atmosphere extremely dehydrating, so on long flights I usually only wear eyeliner (I really like the waterproof pencils from Stila) and mascara (usually YSL Everlong Waterproof ). I'll also have a hand and face moisturiser and lip balm to hand. On short flights,I wear make-up, but with a hydrating moisturiser.I always carry a red lipstick too - Lanc'me L?Absolu Velours is my favourite - and I have been using Guerlain's Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Terracotta for many years.


I always pack an extra iPhone battery (I'm photography obsessed) plus a hairdryer, as I hate those small, slow standard hotel models.I found a great steamer ( on a trip to Madrid. It's small and lightweight, so no trouble to pack. I won't travel without my 64GB iPhone Plus, where I store everything from books to work documents to my favourite apps, Instagram and Facebook. They make me feel closer to my son when I'm away from home.

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