Travel Is The Key To Work Productivity

Just in case you needed any more reason to book a holiday on a Wednesday, it is proven that travel aids higher levels of productivity in work.

Irish people live to work and it's built in our DNA to be hard grafters. The thought of taking two weeks off work is a glorious thought to ponder over of a Wednesday but often, taking holidays from work can result in periods of high stress and anxiety pre and post holiday. The result is that?an astonishing six out of ten Irish people don't use up their annual leave each year because of stress and pressure, being too busy, and clashing dates off with other colleagues.?We mistakenly believe that more hours working will always increase output, while ignoring the clear evidence: The secret to being an effective worker is not working too hard, according?to Derek Thompson of The Atlantic

But there's good news if you fall into one of the above categories because a new study has found that taking more holidays can actually increase levels of productivity in the workplace, as well as having positive mental and physical implications on our bodies and minds. In short, we need to relax more and we need sunshine,?fresh air, and rest.


According to The Atlantic, in 1999 a Wall Street insurance company called New Century Global wanted to improve efficiency and conducted?a 10-week study at New Century Global with a computer program that reminded workers to keep good posture and take short breaks. Eighteen years later, we don't need computer software to remind us not to work - right?

But for whatever reason you cannot take a holiday this year don't panic, because?work breaks, even little ones, are proven to improve efficiency greatly. So there you have it: book that holiday you're so longing for and tell your boss that it's for the greater good of the company.

*sips a pina colada from hammock in the Bahamas*

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