Transgenders Recreate Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

It's been quite a week for Caitlyn Jenner since her Vanity Fair cover reveal. Her pictures sent a powerful message across the globe, and in response, some from the transgender community have decided to emulate the iconic cover themselves, but in their own way. And we think it is just brilliant.

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It all started when blogger Crystal Frasier created a template, and asked fellow trans people to join her. She explained her reasoning in a blog post, questioning Caitlyn's cover for a few reasons: ?A large contingent of the trans community has engaged in a lot of dialogue the past few days, ever since Vanity Fair announced their Caitlyn Jenner's cover story, most of which revolves around the idea that the world only seems to embrace us if we're wealthy enough or lucky enough to adhere to white, cisnormative beauty standards. I've felt frustrated and useless and overwhelmed by opinions on transgender women and how we're 'supposed? to look if we want to be taken seriously,? she wrote.

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?But not all of us adhere to those standards. Not all of us want to. Not all of us can. Some of us do, but only out of fear. Some of us do but we aren't sure why. And whether we fit those standards or not, we're beautiful, and we all deserve to feel beautiful, and be acknowledged by the world.,? she continued.


?Admiration and praise for trans women shouldn't only come if we fit a narrow definition of beauty. As a good friend of mine said Monday ?Where's my Vanity Fair cover??

Well said.

The template was uploaded onto Crystal's blog and she asked users to tweet the pictures using #myvanityfaircover in an attempt to show how diverse the transgender community is, and we applaud her for starting something that has such as positive message.

There are some amazong covers going around at the moment, and here are a few of our favourites from the campaign:

#myvanityfaircover @beatdown_nola

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Call me Mia #myvanityfaircover

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#myvanityfaircover #callmehuman #callmecaitlyn

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Main Pic: Rambleonamazon

Which covers are your favourites?


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