Our Top Three Business Card Apps Worth Trying

If you’re concerned about the vast amount of trees that get cut down for to create business cards (or if you’re sick of looking at the growing mound of indistinguishable cards in your desk drawer), then a digital business card could be calling your name.

In this environmentally conscious, online age, the number of mobile apps that allow you to digitally (and instantly) share information is exploding.

Thanks to the likes of Knowee, Camcard and eVaunt, the days of bulging wallets full of unwanted business cards are coming to an end. What’s more, filing these contacts from “Important - must get in touch again”, to “DO NOT EVER CONTACT THESE PEOPLE, NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE”, has never been easier.

These are the apps to take note of, if you’re digitally inclined.



CamCard is impressive in that it is able to scan all your business cards (in up to 16 languages), and tranfers all the contact information into your smartphone. These business cards are then stored in the cloud and synchronized across smartphones, tablets and the web app, making them constantly, seamlessly available. In an effort to know your contacts better, you can also opt to receive their company updates instantly.


What sets eVaunt apart from the digital business card crowd is that it allows you to embed a Google Map into your card, alongside the basic features that most of the other apps also have.

One Card


Taking digital business cards to a whole different level, the One Card platform allows you to create a “digital hub”, through which new acquaintances can choose how they connect with you. OneCard also allows you to include a video introduction, if that’s of interest.


Main photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

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