Top Flight Tips from a Globe-Trotting Travel Blogger

Already dreaming about that summer holiday??Live vicariously through?travel blogger Nora Menouni for the moment - here she reveals?her favourite spots, packing essentials and how to fly without fear...

The most beautiful place I've ever been is?Queluz Palace in Lisbon. I visited it one Winter afternoon. The place was completely empty, enveloped in a heavy mist ?it looked like something straight from a dream.

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First thing I pack for any trip is'my camera gear. I make sure the day before leaving that my battery packs are charged and SD cards formatted.

camera gear


My dream destination is?Tokyo, Japan. I would love to experience the cherry-blossom season there.

cherry blossoms

My favourite Instagram account to follow for travel inspiration is?@lily__rose.??She's constantly on the road and captures the world in the most vibrant way. She also has a beautiful blog.

lily__rose instagram

My favourite place in Ireland is?County Wicklow. So many beautiful gardens and stately homes to explore!

powerscourt estate

Top tips for: Keeping flight anxiety under control.


I'm a terrible flyer - any weird noise keeps me on the edge of my seat - but over?the years I've gathered a few tips that make plane trips a little more bearable...

1. Listen to a podcast you usually fall asleep to: Not only do they block the surrounding noises but because you associate them with the feeling of falling asleep in'the safety of your bed.?For me, it is Judge John Hodgman.?I find his voice soothing and he makes me chuckle, which has the added bonus of making the flight experience a lot less dramatic.

2. Bring a book you stopped reading right at a cliffhanger: Chances are you'll be so engrossed in your reading experience that the journey will fly.

3. Go for regular airlines over low-cost when you can:?This might be controversial but I find that the low-cost experience can be stressful at times. It's easier to deal with your fear if your stress levels are kept to a minimum.

view from the plane

All images courtesy of?Nora Menouni.?Check out Nora's blog, The Art Of Exploring, or follow her on Instagram.?

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