Top 5 Celeb Wedding Destinations

For celebrities, renting out an entire resort and paying for everyone's airfare is just a drop in the ocean. Us mere mortals however, can only dream of such fancy shindigs -but there's nothing wrong with a dream. So, we have picked our top 5, favourite celebrity wedding destinations to swoon over?

George Clooney & Aman Alamuddin - Aman Canal Grande, Venice, Italy
In a surprising display of public affection and tomfoolery, Amal and George took what seemed like a hundred boat trips up and down the canals of Venice, as the world watched. Various celebratory pit stops were made - namely at Harry's Bar and Cipriani Hotel - along the way to the luxurious Aman Canal Grande, where nuptials actually took place. One of the most illustrious hotels in the Aman Resort portfolio, the Canal Grande is a model of contemporary design with architectural references to the sixteenth-century Palazzo Papadopoli era. We love that era.?Prices start from €1,375 per night

Kim & Kanye West - Forte di Belvedere, Florence, Italy
The union of Mr & Mrs West marked the most significant merger in social media history; this photo took in a staggering 2.4 million Likes on Instagram (the most likes in history, in case you wondered). The couple tied the knot in front of a wall of white roses at the beautiful Forte di Belvedere. Constructed circa 1595, Forte di Belvedere was built to protect the Medici family from military threats - perfect for such a famous clan visiting Florence.?Prices start from €300,000 - so start dreaming!


Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - Borgo Egnazia,?Italy
Justin & Jessica exchanged vows at the Borgo Egnazia Resort in southern Italy.?Guests were wined and dined all weekend at the gorgeous resort by the Adriatic Sea, barely putting hands in pockets for the entire trip. In true celeb fashion, this meant helicopter tours, exquisite food and a firework display. Prices start from €5,200 per night

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively - Boone Hall Plantations, Charlestown, South Carolina
A cotton plantation deep in Charlestown, South Carolina seems an unorthodox decision by the celeb duo. However, one look at the grounds and you can begin to understand why - it is after all the home of Allie in The Notebook and the inspiration behind Gone with the Wind. The innate southern charm at Boone Hall Plantations was brought to life with decorating help from Martha Stewart and Florence Welsh, belting out romantic ballads. That'd do it.?Prices start from €2,500

Russell Brand & Katy Perry - Aman-i-Kh's,?Ranthambore, India
This marriage was short-lived and the wedding was nearly as long; a weeklong celebration in five-star resort Aman-i-Kh's. Nestled next to Ranthambore Safari Park in India, guests slept in tents and experienced exotic tiger safaris. The resort is open from October?May every year. Prices start at €900 per night

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