Tinder Stalking Just Got Easier

3 new updates to your favourite dating app...

Tinder users take note: the dating app has just launched several new updates, some of which will make your ability to creep on your potential partners a little easier, others that help you get a much clearer picture of the person you're about to connect with.

First up, Tinder and Instagram have finally connected meaning that (depending on your Insta privacy settings) your most recent 34 images will automatically be viewable to those with whom you've matched. For those who carefully choose only three or four filtered-to-high-heaven snaps for their dating profile, your matches will now get a bigger idea of what you're really all about (or at least what your face is like in more than a few photos) so if you're someone who'd rather not have your potential matches see you with Nutella all over your teeth and face, best think again next time you post. On one hand, we like this, as it gives us more of an insight into someone's personality, what they've been up to (yes this really is just modern day stalking and judging a book by its cover to the extreme). Then again, Instagram is still a pretty heavily curated presentation of our best selves, so it's not as if anyone's opening up a skeleton-filled closet.

Secondly, you can now have access to all of your match's interests, whereas before, you would only see what you had in common. We can't believe it's taken this long to arrive at this point; it's great and all that you both like long walks on the beach, but what if, unbeknownst to you, they have a major foot fetish while you would all but vomit at the thought of someone else's tootsies? An excellent feature to help you weed out those who you just know won't work, we think you'll agree.


Another welcome addition is that you can now see more friends of friends and connections, reassuring you that if they're mates with several people that you already know, chances are they're not an axe-wielding murderer. Then again, if it's a no-strings-attached, love 'em and leave 'em type of hook-up you're after, being privy to such connections may well put you off. Those in search of love and relationships will find it super helpful.

?It will help you better understand who the person is that you're talking to,? Tinder president and co-founder Sean Rad told Mashable. ?When you're able to assess the degrees of separation between you and an individual it adds a lot of value in the form of context, trust and everything.?

What other updates would you like to see from your favourite dating app? ?What about a Vine-length introduction video?


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