Stop Marie Kondo-ing and try open shelving instead

Messy spaces make us feel stressed and prevent us from being able to focus, but decluttering doesn't have to mean removing your personality from your home

Tidying up seems to be a popular topic at the moment, perhaps because it's something we can do at home, and it gives us some sense of taking control in an otherwise anxiety-inducing situation. For many of us, we're also inspired by Marie Kondo's Netflix show, where we watch people with chaotically cluttered homes transform them into havens of organisation.

A de-cluttered home is something that can actually improve our wellbeing, as messy spaces have been shown to make us feel stressed and prevent us from being able to focus. However, achieving this does not mean that you have to transform your home into a space devoid of objects, with only empty surfaces in sight.

While things need to have a place, this does not have to be hidden away, as having your favourite things on show will not only bring you happiness when you see them, but also inject personality into your space. To ensure your possessions are part of a curated display, rather than a chaotic collection, keep the colour palette simple, and play about with your arrangement of objects until it feels right to you.


open shelving


Although many modern kitchens are all about minimal, closed cupboards, there's something to be said for keeping some of your storage open. Jars full of interesting spices, an eclectic utensils collection or beautiful tableware that doesn't deserve to be hidden away are worth placing somewhere they can be seen – choose whatever you love most in your kitchen. Not only will they be easier to find than lurking at the bottom of a drawer, but your kitchen will say more about you than any sleek cupboard front ever could. These shelves are from Ferm Living, (€549), or these ones from Ikea are similar.

open shelving

Living room   

As it's a space where you go to relax, keeping your living room free of clutter is definitely important, yet you still want it to feel warm and inviting. Wall-mounted shelving is visually much less imposing than a unit or bookcase, and still allows you to display a few favourite items for a touch of personality. This selection from Hübsch are minimalist, putting the focus on your chosen items, whether they're plants, candles, or favourite pictures, and would also work well in a hallway, where it's often tight for space.

open shelving



Perhaps the most personal space in your home, your bedroom should be a chance to show off your favourite things. Whether you display your dresses on a rail, have a luxurious skincare collection proudly lined up, line up some beautiful books, or choose to let your jewellery take centre stage, keeping them visible allows you to enjoy seeing them everyday, and become part of the decor of your room. This gorgeous jewellery stand from Ferm Living is the perfect way to do this, and the cup would also be a stylish addition to your bedroom shelf.

Featured image: Cornelia solid oak large bookcase from Habitat 


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