This Prince George Story Is Adorable

Prince George's china cabinet confusion is the cutest story you'll ever read.

The squee is strong in this one. Prince George, the scion of Kate Middleton and Prince William, is already beloved the world over for his ridiculously pudgy cheeks. Now royal watchers have another reason to geek out over this loveable little toddler.

US Weekly reports that the globetrotter got a little bit confused last month with his mother over where exactly his dad was. At the 105th birthday party of London's Goring Hotel, the Duchess of Cambridge shared the story of how when Prince William was in China last month Prince George toddled over to the china cabinet, opened it, and said ?Daddy is not here.?

Oh. Dear. God.

Someone get that put on a commemorative china cup and make a fortune on Etsy, please.


Can we just say fair play to George on knowing what dining china is - when we were children we thought all crockery was plastic? And may we commend Kate on keeping the china within child's reach. That is one very brave woman.

George's confusion is set to continue as his family prepare for the imminent arrival of his younger brother or sister. Kate's due date is a matter of weeks now, meaning she is no longer appearing at public events and helping shops sell out maternity dresses.

Does this Prince George story rival his teddy-throwing tantrum in Australia?

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