This New Nike Ad Is Stunning

Why aren't the awards shows for ads a bigger deal? The CLIOs take place on a yearly basis but if we at are being perfectly honest, we'd never heard of them until a little birdie by the name of Google told us of their existence a mere ten minutes ago.We can think of a dozen or so ads off the top of our heads that deserve global recognition, most notably the annual John Lewis Christmas effort which didn't disappoint in 2014. ?Why do we ask? Well, the new ad from Nike is a bit of a masterpiece to say the least!

It focuses on the world's number one golfer Rory McIlroy's rise from being a young Tiger Woods fan to eventually playing alongside Tiger as a professional years later. It's a beautifully shot ad featuring the gorgeous key strokes of pianist Nuvole Bianche and his song Ludocivo Eunaudi.

The ad, which clocks in at a little over two minutes, gives us a true reflection of the hard work that McIlroy has put into becoming the player that he is today. Most kids dream of emulating their heroes but this shows that a bit of dedication goes a long way.


Speaking of McIlroy, such is his stardom nowadays that this very afternoon he has Niall Horan of One Direction fame caddying for him at a pre-Masters tournament. Perhaps Niall is looking into a new career path now that One Direction are on the rocks after Zayn left?

What's your favourite ad of all time?

Niall Swan

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