This Lois Lane Novel Sounds Amazing

Lois Lane is getting her own young adult novel series, according to the?Hollywood Reporter, and we're feverish with anticipation. Lane is simply the sassiest gal to ever have a speech bubble and while we loved Amy Adams in last year's?Man of Steel, screen portrayals of the iconic investigative journalist have never exactly hit the spot.

The novel?Fallout: Lois Lane will be written by Gwenda Bond and depicts teenage army brat Lois moving with her family to the bustling city of Metropolis, home of the?Daily Planet and future employer. A plot ensues and we can only assume Nancy Drew is quaking in her boots. Superman might even make an appearance with the synopsis citing an online friend with the avatar ?SmallvilleGuy?.

Lois Lane

Ask any female journalist who their childhood heroine was and Lois Lane tops all the lists. The character is 76 years old this year and it's about time she got to hog spotlight. Previous incarnations have always seen her as Superman's love interest, despite the fact she's so much more - she has a Pulitzer! One comic book series that did try and build on her popularity was dismayingly titled?Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane but this time we hope things will be drastically different for the intrepid reporter.


YA fiction is where it is at for readers in search of an empowering heroine. Ask anyone with a Kindle full of?The Hunger Games. Also we might still be rereading?Harry Potter and channeling Hermione Granger when we need to reinforce backbone.

Fallout: Lois Lane will be published in 2015.

Jeanne Sutton?@jeannedesutun

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