This Is Why A Friends Reunion Will Never Happen

Take a seat. We've got some bad news. A reunion of hit sitcom Friends, RIP, is not happening. Never ever never. Put the dreams of what Monica and Chandler's twins look like to rest. Banish the daydream you concocted of how exactly Joey was going to explain spin-off, Joey. Forget your theories about how Rachel would have tackled balayage.

Courtney Cox has revealed in an interview with Yahoo that the cast will not be teaming up on screen again as their characters because one actor has always put a kibosh on potential proceedings.

?Dear lord, people, let it go! We're not doing it,? she said about thte idea of a reunion, before pointing the blame finger at one of her fellow cast members. ?I'm not going to name names,? she said, adding with a sarcastic flourish. ?But it may not be Schwimmer.?

David Schwimmer played Ross Geller, just in case you spent the nineties under a rock, and he's now everyone's least favourite friend.


However, we think Courtney is just fine with not bringing Monica back to life. The actress has a lot on her plate at the moment with a wedding to plan - she's engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid - and her directorial debut hits US cinemas later this month. Just Before I Go is a comedy about that most indie of tropes: a washed up guy returns to his hometown and discovers some stuff about his true self.


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