This Is The Worst Thing You Can Do On A First Date

First dates are as nerve wracking as they come. There are all sorts of unspoken boundaries and it can be difficult to know exactly how you should act in various dating scenarios (though just being yourself is always a good idea, and should be enough for the lucky person dating you!). However, the one thing women and men agree that is the worst ever thing you can do on a first date?

Spend time looking at your mobile phone. Yep, in a new survey conducted by dating site interviewed tens of thousands of people to find out what really annoys us on a first date, and spending time on your mobile came up trumps for both sexes. They also compiled a list of the top five dating don'ts, which included various turn offs for both men and women like inappropriate touching, being rude to staff, being negative and unengaged in conversation. Some answers are similar across the board, except the ladies can't stand the inappropriate touching (we hear you) and the lads hate any sort of negativity.

We would have to agree with this one nabbing the top spot, there is nothing more head-wrecking then trying to get to know somebody and find that their eyes are glued to a screen instead of, well you. It's incredibly rude as well.

It was a fairly large survey; over 63,000 women were asked their thoughts, as were 45,000 men.

Here are the top five worst things you can do on a first date, according to the girls:

  • Cellphone use - 30%
  • Inappropriate touching - 28%
  • Rudeness to waitstaff - 14%
  • Negativity - 11%
  • Excessive drinking - 6%

And here are the five things the guys hate to see on that all-important first date:

  • Cell phone use - 25%
  • Rudeness to waitstaff - 21%
  • Unengaged in conversation - 16%
  • Negativity - 14%
  • Excessive drinking - 11%

Do you think using your phone is the worst thing you can do on date number 1? Have any other worst date traits been left off the list?

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