This Infographic Helps You Make A Cleaning Schedule

Household chores are the bane of our fast-paced modern existence. Why stay in cleaning when you could be out at the cinema or going for a stroll in your local park? However, as much as you hate cleaning, or maybe you love it because you one of those people, it's an inescapable series of tasks you need to keep on top off. Or else you'll end up on a daytime reality television show being shamed for your slovenly ways, the worst fate imaginable.

This infographic from WonderHowTo may help you keep on top of things. A ?Cleaning Frequency Chart?, it tells you just how often you should be washing things in your home. Bed sheets should be changed once a week, and pillows should be washed every 3 to 6 months. Give that bath sheets a clean ever fortnight and deep clean the toilet once a month.

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