Watch: This Hamster Eating A Carrot Is All Of Us During Winter

For whatever reason, your weekend may have gotten off to a bad start. But, cheer up because right here, right now, we are going to change all that. Behold, a tiny hamster, snuggled up in a furry cocoon, eating a carrot.

We don't know how the tiny (clearly loved pet named Mike) got nestled up in his furry haven, but WHO CARES. Look at the teeny?face, tiny hands and goodness, those nibbling noises! We have died and ended up in cute animal heaven. For those that wonder why we're posting such a video, it has been scientifically proven that ogling such animals is not only good for the soul, it's also scientifically proven to benefit your productivity generally and in your working day. So, there you have another reason to happily indulge. Our insides are now puddles.

This furry little creature is many of us on a cold winter's eve, except we'll likely be having a tipple of our favourite drink with Netflix on to drown out the slurping and/or chewing noises.


Happy watching:

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