This Ad For Animal Adoption Will Tug All The Heartstrings

This gorgeous video from animal shelter Battersea shows the real-life benefit of animal adoption through human stories.

It is the modern condition that heartfelt animal videos are the only 100% immediate salve. This new advertisement from the animal shelter Battersea is the latest to join the ranks of ?Awwwww!?

In the short video titled ?Who needs who?? various new owners talk about their transformative relationship with their adopted pets. One young man who lost his hair to alopecia credits his dog with saving his life. A cat helps a woman who works from home stave off loneliness. A victim of bullying loves coming home to a friend, a cat. Another man with depression finds his dog helps him deal with the condition, even if she isn't terribly obedient.

As one couple says of their pets, ?They've adopted us, really as much as we've adopted them.?


Watch it here.

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