Things To Know About SEO

There are two major reasons as to why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so misunderstood - transparency, and those who just don't do it well.

In the past, many of you will have engaged with a dedicated SEO or digital agency with the expectation that your organic search result positions will increase. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. But did you really have the full picture? In most cases, we doubt it... obfuscation has no place in a digital world where there should be nowhere to hide. Without transparency of reporting and you being made aware of where the failings/issues lie (rather than masking any issues within what many believe to be a 'black art'), then you are being done a major dis-service and major issues are potentially not addressed. When this happens, both the agency and the client will ultimately suffer. Finding data is easier than hiding it.

For example, your Google rankings are an important metric, but they are not everything. Levels of traffic from Google are as?important but, again, they are not everything.

There are some important questions to ask

What keywords on Google are actually converting for you? Have you reported on site speed (a known SEO factor)? Have you looked in-depth at your average rankings in Google Search Console vs. return from SEO efforts from a holistic standpoint? Have you seen what your core landing pages are from an organic search perspective, and fed this back into your UX so that those pages that rank well will also convert better and increase your return on SEO investment? Have you considered if you are tracking the right keywords that will convert?

Have you regularly looked at the websites that are linking to you in order to ensure that they are not 'spammy?? You can now ask Google to not consider these and therefore, avoid a penalty...


Have you analysed your site's content and strategy around the same in order to understand what's more shareable, and converts more from organic traffic?

Have you been monitoring your brand mentions? There are probably some favourable ones out there and they did NOT link to you. Ask for those links and you'll be surprised by how many you might get.

These are just a small few of the many questions and approaches that are vital to effective and revenue-focused SEO, and are not all necessarily reported on weekly - but has your agency been transparent about how important these things are to SEO?

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