These Lego-Proof Slippers Are Every Parents' Dream Gift

Yeah, we all can agree The Lego Movie is awesome. But you what's not fun? Stepping on Lego pieces. Almost anyone who has every had to share living space with a toddler can recall with a flinch, the visceral memory of stepping on a small plastic building block. It's rarely pretty. It's always painful.

Now, the folks behind the product consistently voted the most popular toy in the world are taking our beleaguered feet into consideration. They've teamed up with French agency Brand Station to make limited edition Lego-branded padded slippers, Ad Week reports. However, in a worrying twist, the company only intends to release 1,500 limited edition pairs of slippers.

The most popular toy in the world you say? You're letting the opportunity to become the feet of the most useful slippers in the world slip through your fingers!


LEGO NOEL 2015 par Brand StationCar vos enfants adorent les #LEGO ... mais qu'ils adorent par-dessus tout partager leur passion dans toute la maison ... cette ann?e, nous avons imagin? pour vous parents LE cadeau ultime pour #No?l : des chaussons LEGO - la semelle rembourr?e qui vous permettront de vous balader en pleine nuit dans la maison ... sans le moindre souci ! ;) #NoelLEGO2015

Posted by Brand Station on Monday, 9 November 2015

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