These Are The Most Watched Music Videos Of The Year

What music videos reigned supreme on Youtube in the year of our Lord 2k15? Was it Adele's much parodied but openly adored Hello? No, surprisingly. What about Taylor Swift's Bad Blood, whose pre-campaign seemed neverending? No. In fact, the resulting winner - scroll below - isn't one we immediately thought of,?but its ranking makes total sense.

In tenth place we have Sia's Elastic Heart. This was a little bit of a controversial one at the time, but young dancer Maggie Ziegler's career has gone from strength to strength this year.

Ninth was Silent?'s Watch Me AKA the Whip/Nae Nae song.

Eighth, Fifth Harmony's Worth It.

Seventh? David Guetta's Hey Mama featuring Nicki Minaj.

A surprising sixth is Taylor Swift's much hyped Bad Blood.

In a late entry fifth, we have Adele's already iconic Hello.

It's the song responsible for Fifty Shades of Grey's only Golden Globe nomination in fourth place. Ellie Goulding's private helicopter foreplay anthem, Love Me Like You Do.

Third is this year's breakout song, Major Lazer & DJ Snake featuring M's Lean On.

Second is our final days of PMS tune, Maroon 5's Sugar
And in first place, we have the heartfelt See You Again from Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth for the seventh The?Fast and the Furious movie. The Paul Walker montage might make you cry?


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