There's An App For Dumping Your Boyfriend

Breaking up is always hard to do, but the great thing about modern living is that you don't even have to try and give a morally acceptable damn anymore.

Thanks to Binder, a new app, you can break up with someone you've been seeing for either a short of long time without even seeing their crushed face. How does this cruel machination work? You sign up to Binder, input your hypothetical-but-not-there-yet ex and the app contacts the person you don't want to dignify with an explanation over a bad coffee.

The name of the app is a play on that other modern scourge, Tinder, only with added bin imagery. The Telegraph reports that you and your stone cold soul can choose a reason for the dumping - with "It's like I'm living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare" as one of the options. Then your message or voice message goes out into the ether and breaks someone's heart in a matter of seconds.

One message option reads: "Your (now) ex says, 'you deserve the dream, now run free and go catch that beautiful butterfly'. Sorry, you're binned."


Where do you stand on dumping apps?


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