There Might Be A Third Princess Diaries Movie

If you spent your adolescent years reading Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries books, you must be giddy at the thought of her new book Royal Wedding, which tells the story of Princess of Genovia Mia Thermopolis finally getting engaged to Michael, her longtime crush and now tech founder. We're this close to skipping Body & Soul to stay in and devour it; that's how strong our appetite for indulging in sassy confessional nostalgia is. And Mia is now an adult, which means possible naughty scenes.

In further Princess Diaries themed news, rumours are fluttering via The Tracking Board that Disney are looking into making a second sequel to their 2001 movie adaptation of Meg Cabot's hit novels, which starred Anne Hathaway as the titular character. While the franchise took some liberties - in the second movie,?Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement, Michael was replaced by a European royal as the primary love interest, played by Chris Pine - the two movies are still great fun. Any opportunity to see Julie Andrews in a tiara should be seized. Reboot, please!

Or make a television series that follows the books by the book! All that hilarious angst needs an outlet. Harness the power of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Although a New York teenager finding out she's the princess of a small European principality is slightly more believable than some of the plots being thrown at teenage girls these days? Anne Hathaway has hinted before that she's unlikely to return to another movie, but she can make time in her schedule for a high-profile cameo, right?

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