The World's Most Attractive Names

These days, with apps such as Tinder and Instagram taking over the world, we're rating people well before we've met them face to face. From personality to physical attractiveness, gone are the days when you'd just 'get that feeling' from a chance encounter. 'Sex appeal' is something we judge from three or four choice profile pics, a list of their likes and dislikes and, bizarrely enough, their name.

Can a name be sexy in itself? Can someone's name enhance their appeal as a potential partner? As per popular dating app Happn, a person's name has indeed become a relevant factor in their online dating success, so much so, they were able to compile a list of the 'sexiest' or most favourable names across three major cities. The Independent (US) have collated their findings, suggesting that it's the less exotic and unusual names that are more typically 'attractive' to those seeking a partner.

Though we patiently await a list of the most attractive names in Ireland, behold, the most sought after names in NYC, Barcelona and Paris, for both men and women.

New York


1. Michael

2. Matt

3. Ben

4. Jason

5. Simon


1. Amanda

2. Nicole

3. Jessica

4. Alexandra

5. Katie



1. Louis

2. Adrien

3. Julien

4. Vincent

5. Alexandre


1. Marie

2. Camille

3. Sarah

4. Charlotte

5. Pauline



1. Marc

2. David

3. Jordi

4. Albert

5. Alex


1. Laura

2. Marta

3. Cristina

4. Anna

5. Andrea


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