The Woman Making A Career From Parodying Clean Eaters

Deliciously Stella is probably one person you'll want to avoid if you're trying to get your dream body. What she will do for you, however, is inject some laughter into your day - as well as give you serious treat inspo.

Bella Younger, a Hackney based comedian, was tired of seeing the constant stream of health experts and food gurus living the #cleanlife through social media, so she created the ?Deliciously Stella? Instagram account which has gained more than 128,000 Instagram followers in its short life. Deliciously Stella is a fresh approach and, quite frankly, a natural reaction to the endless images of perfectly toned abs that tend to grace our Instagram screens; how dare they interrupt our scrolling with all of their slender, smoothie-bowl, chia-seed eating goodness * types while eating a Mars bar *. Younger felt overwhelmed by the need to eat a certain way which left her feeling drained and unmotivated ?- and it seems like 128,000 people feel that way too!

Following her Instagram's success, Younger is due to release her first book Deliciously Stella; which is itself a parody of the best-selling health and fitness author Deliciously Ella. The hilarious book will be packed full of recipes, words of wisdom, and inspirational yoga poses to help you to #GetTheGlow - through cream-filled doughnuts and gummy bears, of course. Check out her Instagram snaps below to see what we mean.


"Recipe testing with these freshly picked cherries from my garden. For more ways to make the most of your fresh fruits buy a copy of my brand new recipe book. Available for pre-order on Amazon now!"



"Let's go bananas for my brand new banana smoothie recipe! These delicious bananas are full of healthy potassium for a wellness kick. Just pop them in the nutribullet and whizz! (My adorable rings are from@daisyknights and they spell kale! Get them while you still can!) "

Deliciously Stella will be available from September 8th.

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