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If you've been hiding under your duvet this week, for fear that the ebola virus may strike this Emerald Isle, or so busy at work that you've hardly had time to pee, the stories from the week that was may well have passed you by. Don't despair, we've got you sorted.

Goodnight Robin

This one will have been hard to miss, as it's all any of us could really talk about. We've yet to get our heads around the idea that such a bright spark, someone who brought so much joy to countless hearts with their peerless talent, could no longer be with us. Be sure to keep the tissues nearby. Russell Brand's tribute is also well worth your time.

Later this week it also transpired that Williams had been ill with the early stages of Parkinson's Disease at the time of his death, as per his beloved wife, Susan Schneider. As per the BBC, while Williams was indeed sober, he was?"not yet ready to share publicly" his'struggles with Parkinson's. Our thoughts remain firmly with his family and loved ones.


Lamenting the loss of Lauren

In other sad news this week, the actress who singlehandedly redefined the role of women in movies, Lauren Bacall, passed away. With a career that spanned 7 decades, Bacall died aged 89. JR writes a touching tribute to the late actress here; we urge you to revisit some of her movies when you find the time. A true Hollywood star.

Rihanna and Chris Brown again?

Elsewhere, the rumour mill went into overdrive amid speculation that Rihanna could be on the verge of another reunion with Chris Brown. Rihanna was performing last weekend at a gig with Eminem during which the newly single Brown was spotted among the crowds. As per the Mirror, a source says??Chris turned up to the second show and watched it from the crowd, but he made his way backstage after the gig was finished to be closer to Rihanna. He was making a huge effort to see her and be seen with her again...?He's been texting her loads since he got out of prison last month and she is part of the reason he broke up with Karrueche. He's drawn to her and believes that they're meant to be together.?

Baby North West for Chanel

Here's hoping Rihanna stays well away. This week also marked two rising stars' modelling debut: Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter, which you can read about here, and baby North West, the super cute offspring of Kim and Kanye. At just 13 months of age, North is the latest to join rank at Chanel. Quite the smouldering look, we think you'll agree, but most will likely of the opinion that North's time should be spent playing with cuddly toys than posing for the camera. Such is life with the Kardashians, however.


Cliff Richard

The world was shocked to hear rumblings that Sir Cliff Richard's home had been searched by police in the UK following allegations of historical sex abuse, according to the BBC. Cliff Richard made the following statement, shared by Channel 4 News on Twitter:?"For many months I have been aware of allegations against me... The allegations are completely false."

Gwynnie consciously coupling?

In lighter news, it appeared Gwyneth Paltrow is ready to move on from Chris Martin, having perhaps fully consciously uncoupled, and is said to be dating Glee co-creator, who she's worked with before, Brad Falchuk. As per E!, the pair were spotted out for dinner which to the gossipmongers mean they've got to be romantically linked, as two people of the opposite sex can never have a meal together without it meaning something.


Leaving Cert memories

At home, it was all about the Leaving Cert results. We say there's an awful lot of pressure on students when in reality, the LC isn't the be all and end all. Share your thoughts with us here.

A Dame twerks

Lastly, to leave you with a smile after a truly heartbreaking week, we give you Helen Mirren, twerking on stage. She's a DAME, so that adds a whole new level of enjoyment to this video.

'Til next week!



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