The Ultimate Stylish Drive: Volvo XC60 Car Review

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The new Volvo XC60 is a car that's as good to drive as it is to look at. With its dynamic, perfectly crafted, elegant exterior, it is an SUV that makes a strong visual statement ?? understated yet confident, uncluttered and beautiful, ideal for someone like me who is focused on good design and beautiful aesthetics. The interior is equally as impressive: high-quality materials, intelligent use of space (the expansive boot easily accommodates plenty of baggage) and the attention to detail all work together to create a warm, inviting environment away from the office. On early mornings I appreciated the panoramic roof, which extends the full length of the cabin and flooded the interior with natural light - allowing everyone to enjoy the journey, no matter where they sit.

As someone who often works in remote locations and needs a car that's as efficient and comfortable as sitting at my desk, I was delighted to find that the car functioned like a portable office. From the high-spec central display unit with touch-screen panel that could not have been easier to operate, to the beautifully sleek driftwood dashboard and stitched leather seating, every detail was pure luxury. Once I connected my phone to the car's USB port, it was impressive to see how?the unit became an extension of my iPhone, while also charging it. Again, the XC60 proved its high-tech prowess with in-car wifi and tethered internet, providing a fast and stable connection so I never once felt out of touch with my team.

I loved how all of my music was available all of the time with Sensus connect, whether it was direct from my music library or straight from the internet.?The XC60's innovative audio systems tailored its surround sound to my individual preferences.

The sophisticated Sensus navigation system with its intuitive, easy-to-use control made every interaction second nature, while the heads-up display alerted me to changing speeds, making driving on unknown roads much safer, which put this sometimes nervous driver's mind at ease! The graphics on the maps were clear, and with built-in navigation apps capable of locating a parking space and finding petrol stations, everything I needed to control the car and navigate my journey was literally at my fingertips.

It was an absolute pleasure to be in the?car all day, which is a first for me; I was left feeling fresh and rested, even after a long journey!


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