The Ultimate Bridal Facial

In the midst of wedding stress it is vitally important to look after yourself. Most brides-to-be find that all of the organisation can put years on them, not exactly something you want to incorporate to your bridal look. If you have envisioned people commenting on your glow, the one that only a bride can radiate on her day, then you'll need to work on your dermis. Fear not, no chisels or injections are required to stimulate the lower level of cells all you need is an hour to reclaim luminous, youthful skin.

Monart Destination Spa have just unveiled their first age reversal facial, a new treatment to trump all facials, truly bringing us into the next generation of skin rejuvenation. Pevonia are the cr'me de la cr'me of skincare and their products are used throughout the treatments available at Monart Destination Spa. Just as we have become more conscientious about what we put in our bodies, it is just as important to be aware of what we are putting on our skin. Pevonia only use the most natural and organic ingredients that are free from alcohol, gluten, parabens, lanolin and mineral oils, this allows for the most nourishing and nonabrasive care for your skin whilst combatting visible facial lines and wrinkle depth. I was lucky enough to experience the revolutionary freeze-dried Pevonia age reversal treatment last week, and my skin has undergone a renaissance. This is a treatment that all brides-to-be need to incorporate into their beauty regime.

Since the treatment I have continued to look after my skin with products (foaming cleanser, serum and moisturiser) available from the spa that will maintain this cleansing rejuvenation of both the dermis and epidermis throughout your skin cycle. During the treatment I was educated in the importance of stimulating the skin cells that lie dormant in your dermis as their activity is essential in aiding your inner glow. With this understanding and appreciation of my skin's cycle which is enhanced by the stem cells used in the Pevonia treatment I am more diligent with my regime in the morning and evening which is giving amazing results.


The results are incomparable to any other skin regime that I have adhered to over the years. Dealing with a combination of dry and oily skin I find it difficult to find a product and combination of products that achieve a balance of a intensely moisturising with matte finish. This was what I loved most about my Pevonia facial, I had emerged from the treatment with gorgeously fresh skin (and voluminous hair thanks to an intensely relaxing head massage) that was in no way greasy looking, nor did it feel this way. Instead my skin felt taut and incredibly clean, and a week on it continues to glow and receive compliments on how clear and translucent it looks. Find me a bride who doesn't want to be graced with these comments on her wedding day. If there is one thing I recommend to include in your wedding planning it is to treat yourself to an afternoon in the Monart Destination Spa and reel back the years with the Pevonia age reversal facial.

The Pevonia treatment is an hour-long session available at the Monart Destination Spa. For more information head over to their website and explore their extensive and luxurious range of facials and treatments.

@Zara_Hedderman, BASH Editorial Assistant.

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