The Top 5 Food Trends On The Menu In 2017

A new year means a new food shopping list and a chance to give your pantry an overhaul for the coming months, with just some of the key ingredients that are crowding up health gurus? plates this season. Here's our pick of what is set to become big in the world of healthy eating in 2017:

Maqui Berry

2017 is going to be all about purple food - purple cabbage, carrots, asparagus and potatoes are full of potent nutrients and antioxidants like anthocyanin, all of which have powerful disease-fighting properties - but we're going to start with the (not so humble) berry. While Acai Berry was all the rage last year, the antioxidant-rich Maqui Berry is set to be the next big trend in super food. These have a ridiculous amount of antioxidants in them and are said to work wonders if you're looking to reinvigorate your digestive system. Likely the berries would be crushed into a fine powder that's perfect for body-purifying smoothies.



Baharat is a new spice trend recently taken on by the likes of chefs such as Jamie Oliver. ?It's an Arabic word for spices, and it's usually used to season and add depth to lamb, fish, chicken, beef, and soups. This particular spice blend has been skirting around the edge of the spice rack for a couple of years now, but 2017'should see many opt to use it to add optimal seasoning to foods.

Watermelon Water

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Move over coconut water; there's a new trend emerging and it involves watermelons. Watermelon juice and its seeds are gaining popularity for their health related benefits. Its water is packed with electrolytes and L-Citrulline (an amino acid that reduces muscle soreness and boosts performance) and once chilled, it's light and sweetly refreshing to boot.


It's been used in many a beauty product over the last 12 months, but know it's set to become even more popular as an additional flavouring in food. Far from being merely the black stuff you scrape off your burnt food, the preferred?variation is termed 'activated charcoal.' This blend has been treated by high levels of heat so its surface expands and becomes porous and absorbent, helping to remove toxins from the body. Add a sprinkle?to your meal the next time you're feeling brave.


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Pok? is Hawaii's answer to sushi - a bowl of cubed raw fish, often marinated, on rice - and is already favoured by Kate Hudson and is hugely?popular in the US. Expect to see this on healthy food menus in the capital this year.

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