The Superfood Du Jour?

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For a while there it was all about kale, and then 'bone broth' had a moment (which is hilarious considering 'bone broth' is just a fancy term for chicken stock, which our grannies have been feeding us for donkey's years). As for the superfood du jour? Mung beans. Mmmm.

As per Refinery 29, it's these little bad boys that are turning heads in 2015. You can consider them a first cousin of the lentil, packed full of nutrients, dietary fibre and plant-based protein. Should you be giving yourself a break from meat, but still looking to cover your protein quota (and so you should), mung beans are here to help.


Making them particularly appealing to women, mung beans are also leaders of folate and B6 which you'll know as fertility supporting goodies. These properties are also said to alleviate menstrual cramps. As if all of that wasn't enough, you're also getting a fair whack of potassium here too which is your best friend when it comes to cardiovascular health and keeping your nervous system in tip top condition.


Not bad for a small greenish/brownish legume, right?

Whether you enjoy them in their whole form mixed among your veggie soup, or sprinkle their sprouted version among a hearty salad, or even add them to your dahl curry, you can expect lots of unique mung-bean themed recipes coming your way.

Pity about the name, mind.


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