Domestic Violence Super Bowl Ad

Tomorrow sees the 2015 Super Bowl kick off at 6:30pm eastern time in the US. It's a high-profile event that attracts a huge audience and this year Katy Perry is the half-time act. Analysis of her peppy performance will dominate gossip blogs come Monday morning. However, this year the conversation might also include a much more serious topic: domestic violence.

The above ad will air during the match. In it a camera travels through a normal suburban home, with signs of disturbance. A woman calls 911 and orders a pizza. The operator is confused at first, and then realises the woman cannot speak about her actual emergency. There is someone in the room with her.


The anti domestic violence PSA is part of the No More campaign in partnership with the National Football League. The two organisations have worked together previously but this marks the first time the Super Bowl is being utilized to spread such an important message. The NFL donated its own internal ad agency to this campaign and the ad will last for 30 seconds on NBC. That space for that amount of time usually costs $4.5 million.

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