The Rise Of Mark Zuckerberg And The Fall Of His Fresh Ideas

Have you seen Facebook's latest feature? It may look *very* familiar to you. Some experts reckon that the lifespan of Facebook may be dwindling. We can't seem to see an end to Zuckerberg's?unimaginable media reign, but his lack of fresh ideas is starting to worry us.

It's only been ten years but already Mark Zuckerberg's empire has changed the way we consume and react to content which, compared to the time taken before the likes of the television and radio were available to the masses, is massively impressive. Our news feeds never seem to end (in theory, you could actually scroll forever), and Facebook's algorithm is constantly changing.

But with constant competition from other social media giants like Snapchat, is Zuckerberg running out of fresh ideas and steam??After Facebook's latest update, you could say he might be.

Facebook Stories will be rolled out to Irish users today (Zuckerberg likes testing his new stuff on us because more than 1.8 million people in Ireland use Facebook every day), a complete copy of Instagrams quick-fire story feature, which in turn is a direct copy from Snapchat.

Oh boy.


Instagram product boss Kevin Weil recently said that Instagram stories were, in fact, built using Snapchat's format (awkward) but is moving forward to essentially stomp out the competition, and spent most of 2016 cloning the Snapchat feature. Sorry, Snapchat.

Despite Snapchats efforts, though, Zuckerberg's empire is the dominant player when it comes to user-generated content and news, having between 1.2 billion and 300 billion users daily, compared to?150 million for Snapchat.

We wonder what the world would look like if Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat combined? But maybe we're not ready for that just yet.

Facebook stories will work in the same way as Instagram stories. Just click on your icon and you're ready to go live for a couple of seconds.

We'll see you there!

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