The Oscars' Best Moments

Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech after her win for Best Supporting Actress in Boyhood was the most empowering moment in recent Oscars history. Arquette called for equal pay for women, a major topic in Hollywood following the Sony leaks, saying, ?it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.?

Meryl Streep responded with a gif-worthy ?YES!? Jlo joined in. Can you imagine being the person who decided to seat these two women beside each other? That is one smug events coordinator.

Neil Patrick Harris brought his Tony presenting credentials?to the show. There were a lot of silly gags and puns throughout, with the opening monologue being penned by the team behind?Frozen. And our favourite singer/actress, Miss Anna Kendrick joined in, with Jack Black possibly stealing the show with a Kanye-esque impression. However, overall NPH didn't really do as good a job as Ellen. Looks like we'll be seeing a different face on stage next year.


Lego gave everyone Oscars, yet lost out on the award for Best Song. What is wrong with the world? Why isn't everything awesome? Also, how delighted does Oprah look with her Lego Oscar?

Lady Gaga sang The Sound of Music. Not that it was in any doubt, but the girl got pipes.

How happy does Eddie Redmayne look with is Oscar? This is the pictorial definition of joy.

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