The One Reason Why Couples Always Argue

When it comes to staying snug at home, we're fans of a good old woolly blanket and some thick socks in front of a roaring fire. Of course, not everyone thinks like us. Some are more enthused by the more mechanical forms of heat. Radiators, electric blankets, wall heaters. Not only do the use of these things eat up money, they rarely, if ever, provide a comfortable temperature that suits everyone which usually leads to arguments about switching them off.

However, we're in luck! Research carried out by home technology company Climote has revealed the temperature that keeps everyone happy at home. With temperatures consistently in the lower echelons of the scale due to the cold snap in recent weeks, the need to heat the home is an issue which causes arguments up and down the country. Understandably, 55% of people admit to arguing with their significant others when it comes to the temperature at home with a further 35% saying they never reach an agreement on the issue.

Thankfully, the eternal debate is finally over. Research has revealed that the perfect temperature to keep everyone happy is 22 degrees Celsius (72 Fahrenheit). Ok, it still might appear a bit excessive to some but with women nine times more likely to get cold hands and feet, a compromise of sorts has to be reached.

Eamon Conway, Managing Director of smart heating company climote said: ?We hear time and again that spouses argue about the temperature, more often than not that women want it warm and men want it colder. Technology like climote enables users to have real flexibility over the temperature of the house, but if all else fails then an even 22 degrees ought to do the trick!?

Luckily, the cold snap is coming to an end. Or so we keep assuring ourselves! For now though, what better way to warm ourselves up than with a good old chuckle courtesy of Des Bishop.


How about you? Do you and your other half fight about how hot it is at home?


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