The Non-Bride Chronicles: Wardrobe War

Serial wedding guests spout bile on the more contentious aspects of other people's nuptials.

We reckon that for the few short months you get to be a bride-to-be, you should bloody well bathe in blooms. However, in the midst of living your bridey life, it can be worthwhile to think about things from another point of view: namely that of your wedding guests-to-be. How will they feel about the table plan you created based solely on who'll look best together in photos? Or the hand-dyed table linen, which everyone better Instagram using your official wedding hashtag? And sure if you can't laugh at yourself?

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The first thought that comes into my mind whenever I receive a wedding invite is always ?WHAT on earth am I going to wear?? Not because I'm a slave to fashion, but because being uncomfortable at an Irish wedding is one of the greatest horrors known to (wo)man.


First off, it's a long day. You're going to be in that outfit for at least 15 hours, perhaps more, so you'd want to feel good in it, both mentally and physically. I don't think it's any coincidence that the best wedding I've ever been to was the one where I wore a slouchy, jersey jumpsuit that was more akin to pyjamas than fancy wedding garb. You need something that's appropriate for the ceremony, can handle a five-course meal, cake and many, many glasses of wine; and that won't get increasingly tighter as the day goes on. It needs to work for dancing (Rock The Boat included), posing and also has to be seasonally appropriate - sweat patches are not a good look; nor are goose pimples.

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Secondly, your rig-out has to look nice, but not upstage-the-bride nice - yet, it seems like every time I'm shopping for a wedding, the only appropriate items are white. One must consider length, cut, the amount of breast and leg on display - would the parish priest be disgusted by your cleavage? If you're even a little uncertain on that one, consider it a no.

Then there are accessories. Do you wear a hat or fascinator, or is that mother-of-the-bride territory? Do you look like an awful eejit in a hat anyway? What about a wrap? A blazer? How high should your heels be? Comfort is important, remember. Earrings or necklace, or both? It's a bloody minefield and an absolute money pit; and that's without considering sucky-in knickers and the inevitable beauty treatments that you'll need to be presentable.

And I don't just worry about my own outfit. I pity the poor, poor groom in his vile debs-esque morning suit, complete with shiny gold jacquard waistcoat. I fret about the big-boobed bridesmaid who really shouldn't be wearing strapless, but was convinced it looked good by the other neat-busted witches.

I, for one, would like to attend every wedding from now on, wearing the aforementioned jumpsuit. Maybe it could be my thing. I wonder how many nuptials it would take before a Bridezilla banned me and/or my beloved onesie? There's a divillish part of me that really wants to give it a lash.



By Vicki Notaro

*This article originally appeared in IMAGE Brides Summer/Autumn 2015

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