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Before embarking on my new lifestyle change (not a diet, as I was so frequently reminded), my preferred athletic endeavours consisted of couch surfing (advanced level) and the odd pilates/yoga class (beginner level). So, trust me when I say, if I can do it, so can you.

I began my first day filled with dread and panic asking myself just what had I agreed to? As soon as I met Neal Dempsey?for my fitness test, the panic started to disappear. He was really chilled and not your typical chunk of meat with no personality, easy to talk to and devoid of that stereotypical gym type. We began with a light jog and interval sprints to get the heart rate going and finished with a few lunges and squats. I left feeling pumped and ready to change the bad habits I had grown accustomed to.

The next meet-up, was at ABS Solution Fitness basecamp. As far as gyms go - a converted warehouse off Park West Industrial Estate - it is exactly what you'd want from a fitness experience: bare concrete walls, killer soundtracks and no intimdating tactics. The space boasts a variety of equipment, most of which, would later become my nemesis.

Once the session started, it became immediately apparent that it is not for the weak of heart, arms or legs for that matter. Periodic breaks to flap and stretch my arms were required from intense but fun workouts, Hell-o, obliques! After the session you will honstly leave feeling energized and determined to stick to this new found freak you have so quickly transformed into.


Hoewever, I'm not going to lie, this is not easy - there is reason, only a handful of supermodels are worthy of such titles - it's hard work, but what do you expect? Gisele wasn't built in a day. Beyond that, there's a whole health aspect to training: It's a very physical method of problem-solving, and one which leaves little room for any other daily stress you may have brought with you. By the end of the afternoon - as I stood, looking far from Gisele and parching for water - I found that I was almost, dare I say, chilled?

Three weeks is all it takes to see a difference, from your general mood to your glowing skin. If I was to recommend Neal to anyone it would be for three reasons, to feel and look great, to educate yourself and finally to be able to climb the stairs without panting. So as the saying goes, just do it, you owe it to yourself.

Prices vary depending on what programme you choose. Find out more on their website and read the reviews here

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