The New Jungle Book Trailer Has Dropped And It Looks Incredible

Holy Mowgli! Just a few seconds into the first trailer for the real-life adaptation of The Jungle Book and our hairs are standing firmly on end. This looks epic in all of the right ways and with a cast that demands your attention, we can safely assume this movie's going to be a hit. Even from this taster alone, it's got Oscar written all over it. The visuals are incredible, the score is spine-tinglingly good and who knew Scarlett Johansson would make for the most perfect Kaa? She's terrifying, and it works so well.

2016's blockbuster hit sees Jon Favreau at the helm of Disney's latest adventure and with the enormous Iron Man and more intimate material like Chef under his belt, we know we're in good hands here. Favreau has enlisted the help of not only Johansson but Idris Elba, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong'o and Christopher Walken to bring this story to life. Neel Sethi will surely carve out a name for himself as he stars as the protagonist, Mowgli.

Would Rudyard Kipling be pleased? Watch this space.


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