The New Cinderella Movie Looks Magical

Live-action Cinderella! We're proper Disney fans and regularly debate our favourite princesses in the office. Sure Belle from?Beauty and the Beast may have all the brains, but Meg in?Hercules is sass incarnate.?Cinderella is the one that we're not that mad about, maybe because she's a bit of a limp lady in waiting - for her prince, fairy godmother, pumpkin carriage, workplace rights. However, we think this new movie directed by Kenneth Brannagh might change our opinions, especially if the just-released trailer is anything to go by.

Lily James, whom you might recognize as?Downton Abbey's impish Lady Rose, stars as the titular princess-in-waiting. This production marks her first major lead. With the wacky?Pride, Prejudice and Zombies upcoming on her resum?, it looks like Lily is carving out a literary niche. Another Downton Abbey actress, Sophie McShera, appears as one of the ugly stepsisters. You might recognise Daisy the maid, AKA the one who never gets a break, in the trailer.

What we like so far? Those gowns. Sandy Powell is the Oscar-winning costume designer behind the diaphanous creations and we can pretty confidently advise her to keep the mantelpiece clear. Also, Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother. While the Australian actress was sympathetic histrionics personified in Blue Jasmine, we also knew those cheekbones had menacing potential. Also, that green dress.

What we don't like? Where is Richard Madden's beard??The Game of Thrones?actor is pretty fit - actually, he's incredibly handsome - but we fell in lust with his rugged Robb Stark character in the HBO series, who sported impressive scruff. The naked face has thrown us, even if it is exactly how a Disney prince would look in the non-animated world.

The movie hits cinemas in March. In the meantime enjoy the trailer!


Which other Disney classics would you like to see brought to live-action life?

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