The New Barbie Ad Is Inspirational For One Special Reason

Barbie gets a consistent bad wrap. Some people lambast her for causing low self-esteem in girls because of her unrealistic body shape. Others find her love for pink encourages young women to associate only stereotypical femininity with being female.

It is only in recent years that Barbie has tried to change her ways. Here's a recent ad Mattel, the company which creates the doll, released about how her always changing CV encourages young girls to explore their own potential. The video has already racked up 15 million views and is helping the brand re-establish its magic after a few tough economic quarters.



Now the brand are going one further, and inviting boys into the empowering dollhouse. The latest Barbie advertisement centres around Moschino Barbie and shows children playing with her - including one very happy boy. Have a watch of the video above and prepare for a goofy grin.

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