The must have accessory of the year? A dryrobe.

Not since Zara's infamous polka dot dress has a garment so captured the imagination of the public.  Edaein O'Connell lusts after the must have accessory of 2020; the dry robe

The people of Ireland are swimming as if their lives depended on it.

With a constant drip of worry feeding into our daily life, it's no wonder our people are turning to the water. I understand, because sometimes I want to stick my head down the toilet after watching the news.

But this is different.


I have friends who barely stepped out in drizzle but are now immersing themselves in the Atlantic ocean and telling me I should try it like it's a glass of wine.

We are all searching for Fungie, but if you went to the Forty Foot on a Sunday morning I'm sure you could find a human replacement. And they would be more than happy to spend the rest of their days swimming in Dingle harbour for a reasonable price.

I sound bitter, and maybe I am. The truth is, I can't swim. You see, I was an infant of rural Ireland. The only option we had to swim in was a bog hole. Sea swimming was for those who lived close to the coast or had a caravan in Ballybunion. Neither of those were components in my life.

I would love to swim. I loved watching The Little Mermaid as a child but never understood why Ariel was so keen to live in our world. Living underwater seemed like a more enjoyable option. I would love to get up in the morning at sunrise, jump into the water and follow it up with an almond croissant and a store-bought coffee.

More importantly, I would love to wear the must-have fashion accessory of the year: the dryrobe.

Is it a blanket?

A raincoat?


A tent?

We may never know. First created nearly 10 years ago, the dryrobe was designed by Gideon Bright - a UK based surfer with over 30 years of experience in the water. Gideon developed a front zipping change robe, with an advanced towel lining and a waterproof and windproof protective outer layer. It aims to protect and warm the body after being exposed to the elements. Not only this, it allows you to change into your clothes without any fear of a nip slip because it's loose enough to pull your arms inside and cocoon oneself.

This means it's perfect post-swim attire.



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Go to any swimming location across this green isle and you will see the dryrobe in all its glory. Never has a garment since Zara's infamous polka dot dress captured the imagination of the public. It might be surprising to some, but I think this could be the fashion accessory of the year.


In a year like 2020, the soothing warmth and welcoming open space of the dryrobe is the perfect antidote for how we currently feel; cold and trapped. We don't want to wear anything tight while the world is disintegrating around us. Dressing up fancy feels inappropriate and if the item doesn't have a use, we don't want it.

They meditate in the morning and journal at night. They would die for oat milk flat whites. 

The dryrobe is a status symbol but not in the traditional 'wealth' sense. I see these people and I instantly want to be them. They are at one with the earth. Wim Hoff is their god and wellness is their choice. They are glowing, beaming and bright. They don't vote for Trump. They say things like "the Forty Foot is where it's at." They know what it means to live in the present. They meditate in the morning and journal at night. They would die for oat milk flat whites. They don't feel pain because the Irish sea's freezing temperatures have quite possibly caused some nerve damage.

The dryrobe and they are one and the same.

They are the dryrobe.

And so, you have heard it here first. The fashion scoop of the century. Goodbye Chanel handbags and hello wearable tents because the dryrobe isn't going anywhere. Expect to see it at a beach near you soon.

As for me, I'm using the dryrobe as a source of motivation to finally learn how to swim. I now understand why Ariel so badly wanted to be part of our world.


Because I want to be where the dryrobe people are.

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