The Importance of Feedback

  • by IMAGE

Leonora O'Brien is the?CEO and Founder of Pharmapod and has just been nominated for the IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2014. We take a look at a feature we ran on the pharmacy extraordinaire in Image Magazine last October.

Last year, Leonora O'Brien founded Pharmapod, a cloud-based'software enabling pharmacists to conduct risk management and regulatory compliance in their practices effectively. With 16 years??experience in the pharmacy sector, Leonora?who worked with the pharmacy regulator in Ireland before setting up Pharmapod? now finds herself wearing many hats as the CEO of a start-up,?from business planning, strategy, finances, relationship building,?product development, sales, marketing and HR. These are exciting times for her and the company.

She will represent Ireland in the?global Cartier Women's Initiative Awards this year, the first Irish?female entrepreneur to be chosen as a finalist, and the company?is currently preparing for a pilot in both the UK and Canada and?is translating the system into French for the Canadian market.


?Getting great feedback from our customers is the most important'metric I have for defining success and, of course, being happy with'my work is success for me personally.?

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