The IMAGE Lust List: Today We're Loving Glamorous Scarves

Throughout the holiday season, here at we'll be shining a spotlight on a featured luxury gift that we've fallen for, for whom it will make the perfect gift and more. Last to make our ultimate gift list were these killer headphones from Sennheiser and today we're lusting after the ultimate in luxury statements: the scarf.

Though you may be dressed head to toe in bargain floor finds, a simple scarf, boasting luxurious materials will take your ensemble to a whole new level. This?Gushlow and Cole Mix long scarf in our favourite colour - grey - is one such item that will no doubt become your most beloved wardrobe accessory. Of all materials to lust after, it's always cashmere that stands head and shoulders above the rest. This scarf offers a blend of comforting shearlings, cosy knits and cool cashmere. No winter's day will unbearable with this wrapped around your neck. When it comes to the modern woman, you needn't worry about diamonds; nothing says I love you like a luxurious piece of cashmere mixed with the equally as gorgeous shearling. Expect to earn major brownie points with this one.

Price: €365

Who to buy for: Your mother, or the person who's always been dreaming of owning at least one cashmere item.


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