The IMAGE Guide To Staying Chic On The Slopes

Skiing can be quite costly, but there's no denying the importance of having the right attire. Avoid the pitfalls on the slopes this season with IMAGE's essential tips for mountain style.

You can't bake a cake without flour and, equally, you can't ski without having the right base layer to build up from (bad analogy, but it's close to lunchtime and you get the idea.) Sweaty Betty offers affordable and super-chic under layers that are guaranteed to keep you cosy on the mountain and cool in the chalet. Crafted in quick-drying fabric, the ribbed waistband and hem in this navy and burgundy pair below, ensure all-day comfort. And remember, you'll be super warm once inside, so layering is the best approach to Alpine dressing.

Drift long sleeve ski base layer and base leggings, €80 each at

A Spyder jacket will consistently keep you dry, warm and protected throughout your trip. This Women's Project Jacket below sports a clean aesthetic, a dozen features and performance fabric. And, perhaps most importantly, your group will be able to spot you should you fall or go off-piste.


Women's project jacket, €323 at

Bringing the conversation back to layering, bodysuits are a great alternative to separates and are easy to slip on and off throughout the day. The Topshop Sno collection is a super chic range that offers affordable essentials at a fraction of the cost. This 'shadow' bodysuit is cut from resilient shell that's designed to withstand anything the elements throw at you. It has zipped cuffs that make it easy to slip on over your ski boots and is lined with soft fleece that will provide a little extra warmth while you wait for the next chairlift.

Topshop Sno shadow ski suit, €130 at

Heels are a no-go, so keep them at home. Instead, keep your feet dry, comfortable and chic in a pair of appropriate Aprè ski footwear. Look to Chloe for trend inspiration. The X Sorel suede après-ski boot is the pair of boots you need if you want to be ahead of the curve. If you're looking for something more classic, look to Penelope Chilvers. She offers a huge range of superior quality boots that are as cosy as they are functional.


Pioneer suede boot, €372.73 at

A good-quality helmet is so essential and could save your life. Skiers and snowboarders are required to wear a helmet at all times during activity, but brands like CP- Fashionatsports make it easy and enjoyable to wear a helmet all day long. This 'Cuma' helmet, below, has all the relevant safety features without compromising on style and comes in a variety of colourways to suit your individual taste.

Cuma helmet, €396.52 at

A pair high-quality goggles is another complete essential. These Flight Deck Snow Goggles by Oakley adapt to the weather, meaning that even in poor visibility conditions you’ll be able to spot the prosecco pouring below in the chalet while you make your way back down. Remember; it isn't chic to not see where you're going...

€171.58 at


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