The Health Club: Wellness Tips For Your Body And Mind

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Let us help make your new year health and wellness goals a little easier with our health club wellness tips and tricks for your mind and body.

Appy & Healthy

A health-centric app can offer the support you need to get on track, stay healthy, and become active for a long time to come. FitStar is like having a personal trainer on your smartphone. It uses the personal information you provide about your body and your health goals to generate personalised plans just for you; adjusting to your feedback and capabilities appropriately. If you want to hit the gym with a full routine, it'll generate a training session for you. If you want a quick workout instead, it'll make a short at-home session to follow. Instructional videos add to the muscle- centric fanfare... and if you're feeling self-conscious, you don't have to share the results.

Clean Scene

One of the biggest health movements brewing is clean beauty. Women are now reading the labels on their beauty products as carefully as their food. They're scanning moisturisers for ingredients to avoid and seeing skincare as an extension of their health. As a result, natural and organic brands are sprouting up. Try Dr Hauschka, Seavite or Voya for skin-friendly beauty alternatives.

Meet the fitness experts who want to be your personal trainer

Sought after by A-listers and athletes for their innovative, effective routines, fitness pros are uploading their expertise (as well as plenty of inspirational shots) to Instagram daily. You can avail of the moves and tips they give their celebrity clients, but without the fee. Just scroll for instant access to unlimited, effective workouts.

Simone De La Rue


With Chrissy Teigen and Emily Blunt as her clientele, it's no surprise that @bodybysimone is a highly sought-after trainer. Check out her feed for videos of her fun dance cardio workouts.

Nicole Winhoffer


?Fitness is art? is @NicoleWinhoffer's motto. As Madonna's personal trainer, this dancer o ers up an unconventional and creative take on exercise.

Mary Helen Bowers


Lily Aldridge and Liv Tyler rave about Mary Helen Bowers? @balletbeautiful classes. (Bowers trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan.) Be inspired by her tutorials and beautifully curated feed.


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