The Green List has been cut to four countries

The Green list is to be cut from seven countries to four from Monday.

Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Iceland have been removed from the Green List with Liechtenstein joining Cyprus, Latvia and Finland on the Green List of countries people in Ireland can travel to for non-essential reasons without having to restrict their movements when they return.

Due to Level 3 restrictions in place in Dublin and Donegal, people will be encouraged not to go abroad except for essential reasons.

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Counties not under Level 3 restrictions are still advised to avoid non-essential travel abroad, other than to countries on the Green List.

The new cuts come into place from Monday, meaning people in Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Iceland will still be able to return until midnight on Sunday without restricting their movements upon return.

The government agreed on September 15 that the Green List will be updated on a weekly basis until the adoption of the EU's new Traffic Light system.

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This  new system, expected to come into force from next month, will see  EU/EEA countries with an incidence rate of fewer than 25 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people based on data from the European Centre for Disease Control included on the Green List.

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