The Easter Bride

Whether Jesus is your thang, or not, there's little denying that this delightfully long Easter weekend brings with it the feeling that spring has finally sprung (and that sleeting wind of last week had us worried, there, for a while). With daffodils and their cute little Narcissi sisters popping all over the place; lambs-a-leaping, chicks-a-chirping and hayfever a-kicking in, the vibe is of growth, fresh starts and the anticipation of summer's wonderful warmth. So what better time to get hitched!
(If only for the fact that your guests will be delighted they don't have to take any days off work.)

An Easter wedding should be all about fresh, seasonal botanicals; lots of light and nods to the festivity, without being twee (easily done, considering the amount of chick motifs people will try to foist upon you). A neutral base palette is key, here, bringing in the likes of the aforementioned Narcissi - the Easter Lily (above) is another perfect place to start - with plenty of luscious foliage, to keep the look fresh and natural, rather than prissy.

If you want to incorporate some Easter tradition into your theme, think natural textures, again - hollowing out some real eggs, upon which to hand-script place names is rustic, original and shows you put a lot of effort into the personal touches (be prepared to break a few along the way). Using visible plant bulbs as centerpieces is another lovely interpretation of the springtime aesthetic.


And as for the dress? Well it has to be feathers, of course... or a spring flower crown... but definitely not both.

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Cover photo courtesy of Vogue Nippon

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