The Camden Exchange: The New Dublin Hotspot

Once inhabited by a bank and more recently part of the set for the RT? series RAW, 72 Camden Street is now home to new urban creative venture, The Camden Exchange.?The traditional looking bar front melts into a little urban idyll out back, with pared back walls adorned in bright murals and skewed seating surrounding a van that looks like it's jumped straight out of the Roddy Doyle novel and into its rightful place. The back opens onto an eclectic ambling terrace with a patchwork?glass roof?and some imposing urban graffiti to'spice up the space.


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Watch the chef whip up some of the most delicious street food concoctions from locally sourced products within the repurposed van. The buttermilk chicken smothered in Korean hot sauce is the perfect mix of sweet and spice but it's the fish tacos that are the real winners. So light and fresh, the coriander gives this dish a strong finish.

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There's also an impressive collection of craft beers and a'surprisingly original cocktail menu - a favourite being the BLT. Nope it's not a sandwich, but a refreshing Bulleit Bacon & Chilli whiskey with lemon juice, tonic and mint syrup poured over crushed ice.

With a relaxed vibe and an interesting'mix of creative ideas, a night here?will easily go from after work drinks to midnight in no time. Is it Friday yet?

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