The Best Of #ShoulderGate On Twitter

Louise O'Neill's RTE documentary Asking For It?has been lauded by many as the most important Irish documentary of our time.

1 in 12 female students are victims of rape according to research by the Union Of Students in Ireland. One-third of Irish citizens will experience sexual violence and only 1 in 10 will report it. Then, there is a 1-2% conviction rate. 80% of rape cases are committed by someone known to the victim.

This is all vital information that we learned from Asking For It, information that should be taught and should be heard. Is it more important to discuss the necessity of this documentary and how important it is to ask for consent than to discuss a woman's outfit? Not if you're?The Independent's television critic, John Boland.

John Boland took offence to the shoulder-less top worn by Louise O'Neill, saying he wonders "what point she was making by turning up for an interview with two young male journalists while wearing a shoulderless party dress with a plungingly'revealing neckline." No, I swear, he really did write that. "Was she asserting that women wore was entirely up to them and not to be construed by anything else?", he wrote. I think we can jump right in and say yes, but she was asserting that through her words, not her choice of top.


You really are reading this?correctly. A male journalist judged a woman's attire?as she discussed the important?of not judging women by their attire.

While we could rant about the irony of a woman discussing the complex and sensitive issue of consent, rape culture and sexual assault - and how there is nothing a woman can wear that can be deemed as Asking For It -?only to receive a comment from a man questioning her choice of outfit - we will leave it to the Irish women of Twitter. They took to Twitter to reveal their shoulders, the hussies.?

This isn't even really 'the best of#ShoulderGate on Twitter', because it's all the best. But here's a selection.?



Watch Asking For It on the RTE Player here. Really though, watch it.

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