The 'best meteor shower of the year' can be seen over Ireland tonight

Stargazers will be delighted to watch the Perseids across Ireland's sky tonight

Considered to be the 'best meteor shower of the year', the Perseids will be visible over Ireland this evening.

Irish stargazers can enjoy the spectacle both tonight and tomorrow night, as the shower is said to peak in the early hours of August 12.

According to NASA, the Perseid meteor shower is considered to be one of the best of the year, due to its high rates and 'pleasant late-summer temperatures'. Stargazers can expect to see a much higher number of shooting stars than usual, with up to two per minute expected to be visible this evening.


The Perseid meteors are caused by debris left behind by the Comet Swift-Tuttle. They get their name from their place of origin, the Perseus constellation.

To watch the Perseids, you don't need any special equipment - the shower can be viewed with the naked eye, as long as the weather cooperates. Simply choose a secluded spot, away from any street lights, to get the best view.

According to NASA, the best time to view the shower is either around 2am or at dawn. You'll be able to spot the Perseids any time after dark this evening, however they will be much more frequent at these peak times.

Remember to allow time for your eyes to adjust to the dark (around 30 minutes) for the best results. NASA also advises avoiding looking at your phone screen - the bright light can affect your night vision and how many Perseids you'll be able to spot.

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