The 6 Biggest Health Food Trends of 2015

New year, new you. Or rather new shopping list. Overhaul your pantry/tiny apartment fridge with some of the key ingredients that are crowding up health gurus' plates this season.

Baobab is the new power fruit. We're talking major antioxidant action and with six times the amount of vitamin C you find in a humble orange. There's also a hunk of potassium for all your RDA needs. Baobab hails from Africa and comes in a powdered form so recent Nutribullet owners can expect this to be a juice staple. Aduna baobab is now available in Brown Thomas.

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We've had coconut water and maple water - now get ready for birch water. The newest health drink is harvested from birch trees in spring and has been a hit in Scandinavia. So far enthusiasts are claiming birch water is full of electrolytes and potassium, as well as having healing properties for skin conditions and constipation.


Cauliflower seemed to be the side dish of choice last summer and this seriously good for you trend looks set to continue. This versatile veg can be blitzed to be a pizza base and a rice substitute - hello healthy takeaway vibes. Think all that carby comfort with none of the accompanying bloat. Now, where's that food processor?

Kalette is as cute as it sounds - kale and brussels sprouts in one hybrid, and ultra green, package. Kalettes have a nutty flavor to them and are the new cutest and tastiest way to get that five a day ticked off. Tip for the greengrocers? If searching for kalette is throwing your weekly shop askew, try asking for flower sprouts, their UK name.

The green garbanzo bean is the pulse to watch. This bean is basically a premature chickpea and harvested three to six months earlier, hence that raw green sheen. The bean is frozen soon after being picked and all those protein rich nutrients are preserved. If you're looking for a new iron source, get on the garbanzo wagon.


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