WATCH: The 2016 John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Thanks, John Lewis for giving us Christmas FOMO (already) and making us feel extra festive this Thursday morning. The John Lewis Christmas Ads are the stuff of TV legend at this stage, and almost every year, they kill us. Remember last year? A little girl was determined to show a man on the moon (up there all alone) that someone down on earth was thinking of him. The tears, the tissue used, it was all too much.


This year, the rumours that a David Bowie track as the ad's theme tune proved false - British electronic group Vaults put their own spin on Randy Crawford's 1980 hit One Day I'll Fly Away (a melancholy choice considering what's happened over the last 24 hours) - but despite all that, this year's ad tugs on the heartstrings in the best way possible, thanks to Buster the boxer dog as its star. It tells the story of the dog and his adorable six-year-old friend Bridget who gets a gift she's always wanted for Christmas. This year, it aims to give us something to smile about. Oh, and did we mention there's a trampoline?

It's never weird to cry over a Christmas ad (especially after this year), but happily, this shouldn't see you reduced to floods of tears.


Christmas is almost here, so watch and enjoy; we needed this, this week.

See it below:

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