The 12 Apps of Christmas

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So you got a new smartphone or tablet, yes? What do you need 'straight away?

You're going to go ahead and download apps like Facebook, Twitter and instagram automatically, but here are 12 other must-have apps that will get you started.

Viber - Free?

This great little app is free to download and through the power of the internet, will give you free calls and texts to other users, it will also notify other users that you have downloaded it and are using it.

Spotify - Free to download, subscription to use.


While the app may be free, this service will cost you €9.99 a month, but that buys you access to one of the world's largest music libraries. Listen to whatever you want, whenever you want for the cost of one album.

Tune in Radio - Free?

If you don't feel like paying for your music, this will stream hundreds of different radio stations through your device and save you having to have apps for each of them.

Couch to 5k - - 1.79?

New Year's resolutions will kick in in less than a week and what better way than with a fitter you. Couch to 5k will have you pounding the pavements in no time, starting with 30 second jogs and building up to the full 5k.

Period Tracker- Free

Does what it says on the tin. Use it for yourself or track a loved one.


Map my run - Free?

Once you're out there pounding the pavement, this little app will track your movements, show your speed, where you have been and how long you were out there, basically how brilliant you are.

Candy Crush - Free

Now this may take over your life for a while. Candy crush is an addictive little game involving moving coloured blocks that will have you begging your friends to 'send you a life.?

Songkick- Free

Tell it which bands you love and it will notify you of upcoming tour dates and ticket sales.

Pixlr - Free


Not happy with the pictures you have taken and think they need touching up? Cropping or even a funky background Pixlr is just like Photoshop except it's free.

Jetsetter - Free?

Feeling the need to treat yourself or plan your escape? Jetsetter will show you the world's chi-chiest locations at non-published, bargain prices; if nothing else it will give your daydreams food for thought.

ASOS - Free?

Hitting the high street is yesterday's news, this is window shopping made easy.? From the comfort of your smartphone you can start planning your new wardrobe for spring. The best part? It's all delivered to your door.

Wunderlist -Free

Take your New Year's resolutions, your work lists or anything else you need to keep track of, this little app will help compile all of your jobs and help you get organised for 2014.


By Trevor Rigley @madrigs

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